Giant Landover - Food, grocery, and pharmacy

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Giant is a supermarket chain located on the east coast in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington D.C. that offers grocery and pharmacy services. In most of the store locations, there are fully operational pharmacies with trained pharmacists behind the counter ready to fill doctor's prescriptions. Customers can also ask about over-the-counter medicine and about common cold or allergy medicine. Stores have different sections to cater to the shopper's needs. These sections include produce, meat and seafood, bakery, dairy, and dry foods. A full beverage selection is available in stores as well as beer and wine. Customers can also find home supplies in stores, like pet food, makeup and hygiene materials. Store services are offered to make Giant a one stop shop experience. Services provided by Giant include Western Union Banking, RedBox DVD rentals, college savings programs and Coinstar.

Giant Landover - A quality history

Giant was founded in 1936 in Washington D.C. by Nehemiah Meir Cohen and Samuel Lehrman. The company wanted to vertically integrate their strategy, and within the first few years of operations bought a slaughter house to ship fresh meats to their stores. The purchase of bakeries and other vertical integration mediums were purchased in later years. By 1959, the company had 53 store locations with food being delivered through their company owned distribution. In 1962, Giant opened its first food and drug combination store which proved to be successful. Through the next decades, Giant continued to grow, offering new products and pursuing consumer trends through their grocery products. Today, the company has over 170 locations on the Upper East Coast.

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