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GFS Marketplace

GFS Marketplace

GFS Marketplace is a large warehouse store that does not require a membership, where customers can buy single items and items in bulk. Currently the stores are located in the eastern half of the United States. The business caters to customers buying groceries and bulk items for their home to customers buying for commercial use, for example restaurants and hotels. GFS Marketplace locations are separated into different sections. Typically, sections include meat and seafood, produce, grocery, and dairy. Home products are available in stores, where customers can buy cleaning supplies, disposable plates and cups, and cookware for both at home and for chefs. Customers can find a wide variety of packaged foods in the frozen section, and a number of different beverages in stores. Speciality products depending on seasonality, for example game meats and different types of fruits and vegetables, are available for customers to choose from.

GFS Marketplace - Delivery service to foodline distributor

GFS, or Gordon Food Service, was founded in 1897 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Isaac van Westenbrugge. The company started out as a delivery service offering eggs and butter. As the company gained a good reputation, other items started being delivered like dog food and cream cheese. The company remained relatively small until the 1940s, when the family business was reorganized by Ben Gordon and his brother. The company shifted its focus by offering more products and becoming a food service company to retail outlets. The company grew the partnerships and aquisitions, eventually opening its own store, GFS Marketplace in 1979. Today there are over 150 store locations in the eastern half of the U.S., with an annual revenue of 7.7 billion dollars in 2011.

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