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fred's Pharmacy

fred's Pharmacy

Fred's Super Dollar is a regional grocery and discount retail store located in the southeastern United States. Stores are separated into different departments and have become a one-stop shop for customers. Departments include grocery, home supplies, garden, pet, and pharmacy. One third of the stores have a fully operational pharmacy where customers can get their doctor prescriptions filled, but all include an over the counter medicine section, providing customers with common cold and allergy medication. In the grocery department, customers can find meat and seafood, dry foods, canned foods, and beverages. A variety of tools, electronics, and home cleaners are available in the home department. Seasonal garden supplies can be found in the gardening section, along with patio furniture and lawn care products. Pet care products, food, and pet crates can be found in the pet section. Fred's Super Dollar also provides seasonal clothing and accessories like shoes to customers.

Fred's Super Dollar – General merchandise since 1947

Fred's Super Dollar was founded in 1947 in Coldwater, Mississippi, and was operated under Baddour Inc. Stores were soon called "Fred" after one of the owners' brothers. Stores sold closed out items at a discount and quickly became very popular. By 1953, Baddour Inc. operated over 50 stores. Over the years the company expanded through sales and franchising. In 1991, Baddour Inc., was changed to Fred Inc, and continued to grow, through the addition of pharmacies and discounted prices on specific items. Today there are over 700 Fred stores and over 25 Fred franchises in the southeastern United States, and in 2011 the stores reported net sales of 1.9 billion dollars.

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