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Foods Co.

Foods Co.

Foods Co. is a regional grocery store located in California and is a banner company from Kroger Co. Stores are separated into different sections, making shopping easy for the customer. Typical store sections include produce, bakery, beverage, dairy, meat and seafood. The bakery offers a wide range of baked goods and also includes a deli, where customers can order anything from sandwiches to potato salad. Store locations offer a wide range of services, depending on location, such as banking from Western Union, gas, and phone plans. Home products, including small appliances, pet supplies, and over the counter medicine are readily available. Foods Co. has a floral section with seasonal flowers to bring to a friend or loved one. Customers can also take advantage of buying gift cards to various stores, for example Toys R Us and AMC Theaters.

Foods Co. - Grocery since 1977

Foods Co., otherwise known as Food 4 Less, was founded in 1977, but the history of the store can be traced back to the 1930's. Lou Falley was the founder of Falley's and Food 4 Less stores. The stores were discount grocery stores in a warehouse format, where customers could serve themselves. Store locations were in Kansas and Missouri and then later franchised out to different regions. The stores were a big success in Southern California in 1977-80s and eventually merged with Ralphs, then acquired by Kroger in 1997. Kroger uses the name Foods Co., instead of Food 4 Less, in areas where they do not own the rights to the Food 4 Less name. Today, Foods Co. has 21 stores located in California, and they contribute to Kroger's 90 billion dollar a year business.

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