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Five Below

Five Below

Five Below is a chain of discount stores which sell items for between one and five dollars. The stores are publicly owned and found in a number of states across America. The store sells a range of trendy merchandise, most of which are aimed at a pre-teen to teen age groups. As nothing in the shop is more than five dollars the store suits this age group who will enjoy spending their allowance on something more than magazines. The stock changes regularly and is often influenced by season - for example at Halloween costumes and props are on sale. They also sell non seasonal products such as sporting goods, craft materials, jewelry and basic media accessories. The store has a fun, funky and colorful aesthetic which appeals to the younger generation. Non-profit organizations can organize fundraisers at Five Below stores and receive 10 percent of the profit received that day.

Five Below - Got five dollars? Look no further.

Five Below was founded in 2002 out of Cheap Holdings Inc. by David Schlessinger and Tom Vellios. The first store opened in Wayne, Pennsylvania and since then over 250 stores have opened in 19 states across the United States. It has over 750 employees and a revenue of $419M. By frequently changing their stock and buying directly from suppliers whenever possible, they manage to keep their prices low.

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