Eddie Bauer - Outerwear for men and women

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Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is an adventure retailer that specializes in quality clothing, accessories and gear. Women and men can find a wide range of clothing and shoes, whether it be outdoor lifestyle, sportswear or casual wear. Adventure and hunting gear is also sold; customers can find tents, sleeping bags, camping and snow equipment, and gadgets and electronics in stores. There is also an Eddie Bauer Direct Order Center, where customers can order products over the phone or through the website. The store offers a line of home and bedding products, and shoppers can purchase pillows, comforters, quilts, duvet covers and sheet sets. There are also outlet stores that sells Eddie Bauer inventory overstocks at cheaper prices. Eddie Bauer Credit Cards are also available, where cardholders receive exclusive discounts and special offers.

Eddie Bauer - From sporting goods to adventure clothing

Eddie Bauer was first established in 1920 in Seattle by Eddie Bauer. He opened up his shop, 'Eddie Bauer's Tennis Shop' at the back of a hunting and fishing store. At first, the store specialized in building and repairing tennis rackets. Eventually, Bauer expanded the store and its range of merchandise to include Bauer's own handmade golf clubs and fishing tackle. The store of the name was then changed to 'Eddie Bauer's Sport Shop'. While on a winter fishing trip in the 40s, Bauer developed hypothermia so he began creating alternatives to wool clothing used by outdoorsmen. He eventually patented a goose down jacket and his business changed to outerwear, what it is still selling. Today there are over 350 Eddie Bauer stores, employing over 10,000 people worldwide. Its headquarters lies in Bellevue, Washington and it is owned by Eddie Bauer Holdings Inc.

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