Duane Reade - A full-service drug store chain

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Duane Reade

Duane Reade

Duane Reade, a subsidiary of Walgreens, is a chain of full-service drug stores with over 250 stores in commercial and residential parts of the metropolitan New York region. The company provides prescriptions, health products and services, beauty products and services, food and convenience items for its customers. Trying to understand the needs of customers, Duane Reade is transforming its business to provide better service and a rewarding, enjoyable shopping experience. Each store is designed around four sections: one for beauty and cosmetic products, one for the pharmacy, another for seasonal products like cards and candy, and a fourth for household and grocery items. Duane Reade has become New Yorkers' go-to store for essentials like toothpaste, prescriptions, detergent and more, as well as more luxury items such as coffee, makeup and hair dye. Stores even offer immunizations against pneumonia, meningitis and others.

Duane Reade - The only uniquely New York drug store chain

The company was founded in 1960 by Abraham, Eli and Jack Cohen, who opened three stores and took the name from the location of their warehouse between Duane and Reade Streets on Broadway. It was acquired by Walgreens in 2010, having had a number of owners, including a period of public ownership on the stock market, since the Cohen family first sold it to Bain Capital in 1992. Duane Reade's mission is to make the lives of the New York Metro community – those who live, work or visit their unique mix of neighborhoods – a little easier every day. To achieve this they focus on three pillars: Pharmacy, Personal Image & Body Care, and Daily Living, targeting the daily needs of their customer. Duane Reade's parent company, Walgreens, is the nation's largest drugstore chain with more than 7,900 stores across the US and Puerto Rico.

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