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Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General is a variety store where one can find household products. Despite the word “dollar” in its name, the company is not a dollar store chain; the price points for items sold reach up to $60, depending on the item. The stores feature school and office supplies, cleaning supplies and everyday essentials, such as tissues and medicine. They also carry a large selection of beauty products and makeup. Some stores sell pet food and other pet related products. These stores are usually found in smaller communities. Dollar General is a place where people can find most of the household items and personal care items they might normally find at a pharmacy or department store. The company carries seasonal items to reflect the holidays that are coming up on the calendar, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Dollar General - Successful company

Dollar General was founded in Scottsville, Kentucky in 1939 by J.L. and Cal Turner and began as a dollar store where no item exceeded $1. By 1967 the company had generated over $1 million in revenue and went public the following year. Dollar General created its own brand of household items called “DG” and beat out fashion giant Dolce and Gabbana for the rights to the acronym. The company now has over $18 billion in sales.

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