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Curacao is a retailer located in Southern California that provides a variety of products in electronics, home furnishings, entertainment, gifts, services and more. As both an in-store and online retailer, consumers can locate a wide range of products at their leisure. In electronics, one can find anything from musical instruments and DJ equipment to mobile phones to computers. For the home, one can find furniture, appliances, tools, and more. Curacao also has many necessities in care for kids and babies from essentials to strollers to toys. Also stocked are items in fashion and beauty, including eye wear, jewelry, and cosmetics. Consumers can locate wide range of services and a large selection of products, where they can find everything in one place. Curacao offers a range of services, including internet access, communications services, and travel arrangements. They also has a variety of flexible payment options and our secure web pages and servers ensure.

Curacao – Southern California Retailer

Born in Iran and raised in Israel, Jerry Azarkman arrived in California at the age of twenty-four with only $20 in his pocket. A determined young man with a talent for entrepreneurship, he exchanged those $20 dollars for merchandise he bought wholesale in downtown L.A., and became a door-to-door salesperson. His customers—mostly Latino immigrants—were people who had come to the U.S. seeking a better life and opportunities, but after years of toiling in their adoptive country didn’t have much to show for it, not even something as basic as a credit history. In 1981, when Jerry’s brother, Ron, moved to Los Angeles to join him, together they opened what would turn into retail, services, and community issues, which is now a multi-million dollar operation employing about 2,180 people at 11 locations.

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