Cub Foods - Photo center, baker and flowers

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Cub Foods

Cub Foods

Cub Foods is a retail grocery chain with a variety of departments. There is a deli and a bakery, with gourmet cakes, party platters and fresh fruit trays. There is a floral department that offers flower arrangements for special occasions and birthdays. The photo center prints customized merchandise, like calendars and greeting cards. There is a butcher which offers a variety of both meats and seafood. Liquor, beer and wine are available in their spirits section. The retailer offers tips on healthy eating and recipes for busy families on the go. Essential Everyday is a private brand available at Cub Foods stores, with products like cereal, juices and jam. They also have a "My Cub Rewards" card that offers discounts on gasoline and coupons to be redeemed in store.

Cub Foods - Midwestern grocery stores

Cub Foods is a Midwestern U.S. grocery retail chain that was founded in 1968 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are approximately 70 stores across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. The brand name is an annogram for Consumers United for Buying (CUB) and was one of the first discount food stores in the country. SuperValu bought the company in 1980, enabling the fledgling brand to expand to over 80 stores. The current slogan is “my neighborhood. My cub.” The retailer is committed to sustainability, and set a zero waste goal for its stores. They have also increased the usage of reusable bags by offering them for sale in stores in lieu of paper or plastic bags.

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