City Market - Supermarket and pharmacy

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City Market

City Market

City Market is a supermarket chain located in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The chain is owned by Kroger. The stores are divided into departments of produce, meat and seafood, dry and canned foods, home products, and diary. Customers also have access to a fully operational pharmacy to fill doctor's prescriptions. Stores have a bakery where customers can find cookies, cakes, fresh bread, and deli sandwiches. A wide variety of health and beauty products like make-up, hygiene products, and over the counter medicine is available. City Market also has a beverage section where customers can find an arrangement of juices, sodas, and alcoholic beverages for adults. Bank Services are also available, in certain locations, from Western Union, making the company a one stop shop for customers. The company also provides delivery services of floral arrangements, groceries, and beer, wines, and spirits to Rocky Mountain towns.

City Market – Colorado-based since 1924

City Market was founded in 1924 by four brothers from the Prinster family of Grand Junction, Colorado. The store was family-owned and operated until 2001, when Phillis Norris became president of the chain. She had risen from the position of store clerk in 1974, to manager, to vice president of retail operations, before becoming head of the company. Today, City Market continues to be headquartered in Grand Junction and operates over 35 stores across Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

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