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Casual Male XL

Casual Male XL

Casual Male is a nationwide retailer of apparel for big and tall men, ranging in waist sizes of 38-64 and shirt sizes from XL-10XL. Store locations carry a large assortment of different products to fit big and tall men's needs, with a line of generic labels to well known brands. Products available in stores include casual clothing, dress clothing, shoes, underwear, and home products. Casual clothing includes shirts, pants, loungewear, and outerwear. Suits, dress shirts and pants, and formalwear are available in the dress clothing section. Shoe sizes 10-16, with extra width, are available in stores, and the shoes offered range from athletic shoes to formal dress shoes. Big and tall men can also find home products available. These products include large reclining chairs, large portable chairs, seat-belt extenders, and fitness equipment.

Casual Male - A big history

Casual Male was founded in in 1976 in Delaware by Calvin Margolis and Stanley Berger under the name of Designs, Inc. The company, when it first began operations, only sold Levi's branded apparel which lasted until 1995. In 2002, the company acquired Casual Male, a specialty retail store offering big and tall clothing for males and changed their name from Designs, Inc. to Casual Male. After the acqusition, Casual Male XL was the main focus of the company and started focusing sales on big and tall apparel. The company expanded and acquired Rochester Big and Tall and started a secondary big and tall store, Destination XL. Today there are 390 retail stores and 60 outlet stores and employ 2,446 associates, with net revenues of $397.7 million.

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