Carrs - Produce, baby food and pharmacy

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Carrs is a chain of grocery stores. They offer fresh produce that is grown and produced locally wherever possible. The retailer offers information about what is currently in season and offer profiles on the farmers who grow their produce. Stores have many sections, including a bakery where you can find baked bread, cakes, and rolls. The pharmacy allows customers to fill their prescriptions, get wellness advice and receive annual immunizations. The retailer has a club card program where customers can earn discounts and coupons on both products in store and gasoline from participating gas stations. There is a health and beauty section selling skin care products, cosmetics and nail polish. The baby section features formula, diapers and baby food. Pet food, leashes and chew toys can be found in the store's pet section.

Carrs - Since 1950

Carrs was founded by Larry Carr in 1950 in Anchorage, Alaska. The retailer merged with J.B. Gottstein & Company in 1972, which had been founded in 1915 to supply groceries and household items to a relatively isolated Alaskan population. The pair expanded into 24 locations across the state until over half the entire population of Alaska lived within a few miles of a retailer store location. They were the first supermarket in the state to open a 24-hour pharmacy, a deli, a bakery and under one hour photo processing centers. They were also the first grocery store in Alaska to scan products at the checkout line. The company operates Alaska's only distribution center intended for food production.

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