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C-Town is a regional supermarket chain focused on the Northeastern United States, with stores in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. At their retail locations, shoppers can find a variety of food items including produce, meat, and dairy products, all from a variety of brands, including their house brand, Krasdale Foods. Customers are guaranteed friendly customer service and quality products at good prices every time they step into their local store. C-Town locations are known as “Supermarkets for Savings” and shoppers can find a large selection of American and ethnic foodstuffs to satisfy all their cooking and baking needs. The stores are family friendly and community oriented; they offer shoppers helpful information about health and safety, recipes and nutrition, and local playgrounds. Additionally, the supermarket sponsors free neighborhood events celebrating local culture, including Cinco de Mayo.

C-Town - Supermarket savings since '75

C-Town was founded in 1975 with the goal of using collective buying to allow smaller supermarkets to compete with larger stores in terms of purchasing and advertising. Organized under the Krasdale food distribution banner, individually owned, independent supermarkets could decide to join the C-Town association. Today, the chain is the fifth largest supermarket group in the New York metropolitan area, with over 200 locations across five states. Corporate matters are handled by Alpha I Marketing of White Plains, New York, which was developed as a spinoff of the larger Krasdale group during the 1970s.

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