Brookstone - Distinctive and practical

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Brookstone is a specialty retailer that sells a wide variety of products, that are functional but also distinctly designed. In the electronics section, customers can find items such as headphones, speakers, cameras and printers, as well as accessories and games. The bedroom section stocks mattresses, pillows, blankets and other bedding products. Brookstone also sells furniture, for indoors and out. Such a large assortment of items are sold, ranging from massage chairs to magazine racks and fireplace entertainment centers. Brookstone designs most of its products and sells them under its own name. It also allows its customers to try out and play with products in store, before purchase. Products can be ordered online, and gift cards are also available.

Brookstone - It all started in a farmhouse

Brookstone was founded in 1965 by married couple Mary and Pierre de Beaumont. They named the company after their farm, as they based it in their farmhouse and began mailing catalogs to hobbyists. A need for specific retail stores was established when there became a demand for the unique products Brookstone offered. The first store opened in New Hampshire in 1972. The company then began to introduce new products into its store, items not available in their catalogs. By 1993, there were around 100 Brookstone stores. Today, there are over 300 store locations across the United States and Puerto Rico.

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