Brighton - Jewelry and collectibles

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Brighton is a jewelry and accessories store for women, but also offers some men's accessories. The company calls their products collectibles, because each product has a heart on it, representing the fact that the products will touch people's hearts through creative design. There is a wide range of jewelry offered in stores including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and hair accessories. Customers can also create custom made charm bracelets with various charm and bead combinations of their liking. The company believes in matching their products, for example jewelry, with their apparel accessories. The product accessories available for women consist of footwear, handbags, eyewear, belts, and wallets. Brighton's footwear includes sandals, heels, flats, and wedges. The accessories available for men include wallets and belts. Customers can also find home products in stores, such as frames, trinkets, tableware, and clocks.

Brighton - Since 1985

Brighton was founded in 1985 in California by Terri and Jerry Kohl. The name comes from men's belts that the married couple were selling to retail stores. Terri and Jerry saw that these retail stores had a small women's section and in 1990 started making and supplying women's belts to these retailers. In 1993, Brighton debuted its handbag line, and customers could accessorize their handbags and belts. As the company grew, more items were debuted to have its customers accessorize, and the company catered mostly towards women. In 1995, the footwear line debuted and the company was a runaway success. Today, Brighton has over 160 stores, and is heavily invested in charities. To this day, Terri and Jerry are growing their business and living their dream.

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