Boston Store - A department store in America's dairyland

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Boston Store

Boston Store

Boston Store is an American department store chain located in the state of Wisconsin. Locations are usually in town shopping centers, anchored on to malls, or free standing. The company carries a wide range of products, including home products, men and women's apparel, and accessories. Locations offer unique and stylish merchandise to customers. The store also sells brand name merchandise, for example, COACH, Levi's, and Ralph Lauren. Shoppers can find home products like furniture, bed and bath products, and dinnerware. Apparel is offered for both men and women, with a junior and children's department, offering all the latest fashion and trends. In the apparel department, customers can find suits, outerwear, sportswear, and everyday clothing in all sizes. Boston Store's accessories include a handbag, a watch and jewelry, and a beauty and fragrance department. The shoe department offers a wide range of different shoes for both men and women.

Boston Store - From Wisconsin

Boston Store was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The store grew locally and established a presence throughout the state of Wisconsin. The store was privately run for a number of years and grew through revenues and acquisitions. In 1989, the company was bought by Bergner's, and eventually in 2006, was acquired by Bon Ton. Today, Boston Store has 14 store locations in Wisconsin and helps contribute to Bon Ton's success.

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