Bon-Ton Stores - Department store serving the northern U.S.

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Bon-Ton Stores is a department store serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States. Like many department stores, the retailer has different sections for their wide variety of products, including apparel, jewelry and home goods. Popular brand names that are sold at Bon-Ton Stores include Lancome, Calvin Klein and Nine West. The retailer provides everything a normal clothing or apparel shop would, plus items for the home and even games. Department stores like this retailer provide a large selection of goods for shoppers to choose from, whatever their needs are. The company holds sales at various times each year to reflect the consumer shopping season. In March, they hold a sale in cooperation with Goodwill Industries, by which customers can enter a sweepstakes based on donations they make to the charity organization.

Bon-Ton Stores - over 100 years of clothing and home goods

Bon-Ton Stores is a regional department store operating in the northern part of the U.S. The company is based in York, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1898 by Max and Samuel Grumbacher. Originally supplying hats and dried goods, the company has grown and now operates over 275 stores and 11 furniture galleries nationwide. Since its inception, Bon-Ton Stores has acquired many other retailers, including Bergner's, Boston Store, Younkers and Parisian. The company started in New England and later expanded into the Great Lakes region and the Mid-Atlantic, and now operates in 23 states. The company doubled in size after acquiring Sak's in 2005, which was based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the merchandising headquarters of the company has moved, while the corporate headquarters remains in York.

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