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Big Lots

Big Lots

Big Lots is a closeout retailer that sells overstock merchandise. The company sells products oriented around the home. From home improvement, where you can find tools and paint, to electronics, where you can find video games and TVs, the retailer has departments for a wide range of products. There is a furniture department with furniture for every room in your home. The grocery section has food, drinks and candy. The retailer also features seasonal items in keeping with upcoming holidays. An important feature of the retailer is that they hold a clearance section which has items from all different departments. Big Lots also carries a range of pet products, including pet furniture, pet food and pet toys.

Big Lots - Wholesale and discount products

Big Lots is based in Columbus, Ohio and was started in 1967 by Sol Shenk. The company was originally focused on auto parts. The retailer went public in 1985 and purchased Canadian retailer Liquidation World in 2011. They also have a wholesale division whereby products are sold in bulk for resale with other retailers. In 2012, Big Lots reached $5 billion in revenue and operates over 1,400 retail stores in almost all 50 states. The retailer carries products from over 3,000 different companies.

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