Bel Air - Canned goods and deli

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Bel Air

Bel Air

Bel Air is a retail chain of grocery stores that sells a wide variety of food and non food items. There is a pet food section that sells both canned and bagged foods for dogs, cats, and sometimes birds and rabbits or other small mammals. In addition, pet toys and accessories are often sold. There is a frozen food section that features prepared meals, frozen pizza, ice cream and frozen vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables vary by season and are available in the produce section. A floral department carries flowers, balloons and potted plants. Dried goods like nuts, pasta and rice are also available. The retailer lists recipes that can be made with ingredients purchased in store. There is also a pharmacy where customers can purchase over-the-counter medicine, receive generic prescriptions and receive annual immunizations. There is an autofill prescription service where you can sign up to have your regular prescriptions filled at a specific time each month.

Bel Air Markets - High quality products and services

Bel Air Markets was founded in 1955 by Gim and Lee Shee Wong in Sacramento, California. Their son George Wong led the company as President for 40 years until joining the Raley's Supermarket group in 1992. There are now 21 store locations across California. The retailer collectively earned over $3 billion in 2011 and employs over 15,000 people across all locations within the group's umbrella. The current CEO of the company is Michael Teel, with Jim and Joyce Teel serving as Co-Chairs on the retailer's board of directors.

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