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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is a book retailer, selling books, magazines, stationery and games. There are sections for a number of genres of books, from biographies to graphic novels. The magazine section carries many subscription based magazines, including business publications and interest magazines for both men and women. There are over 900 print subscriptions available. The retailer is known for its music section, where customers can preview the latest CD releases at their listening stations. More recently, Barnes & Noble started carrying Nook tablets, and sell many accessories and gift cards for the reader. There is a children's book section with literature and games for kids, geared towards different age brackets. Stores often have a cafe where customers can purchase coffee and pastries. Most locations have armchairs spaced throughout the store so that people can sit and read a book they are interested in before purchasing.

Barnes & Noble - Books and more since 1886

Barnes & Noble was founded in 1886 by Gilbert Clifford Noble in New York City. The headquarters remains on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. There are now over 700 bookstores in 50 states along with 600 college bookstores nationwide. The company owns Nook Media LLC and sells the tablet in store. Since 2010, William Lynch has been serving as CEO. Barnes & Noble also has a publishing division and reprints a selection of non-copyrighted titles. The retailer started offering Wi-Fi in select stores in 2004, opting to include free Wi-Fi in all stores by 2009. The company employs over 30,000 people and generates over $7 billion annually.

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