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America's Mattress

America's Mattress

With over 400 stores across the United States, America's Mattress is one of the largest independently-owned businesses in the industry. They sell sleeping products to suit all tastes, requirements and budgets. They respect that sleeping is an integral part of everyday life and that it is important to have a comfortable and good quality mattress. Some people prefer something solid and firmer with little surface give, whilst others sleep better on a soft and cushioned layer. America's Mattress caters to all these needs and provides a wide range of options, for example foam, innerspring and individually wrapped coils. A variety of brands are stocked in stores including Perfect Elements, iComfort and MajesticSleep from Serta. Designers and inventors are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and technologies to make the sleeping experience as effective and comfortable as possible. Memory foam technology and adjustable foundation are just two examples of innovative mattress design which use technology to help improve ones comfort. These and many more are available at your local America's Mattress store.

America's Mattress - Caters to all your mattress needs

America's Mattress was founded in 1931 in Illinois and now has 400 stores across the United States. It is a privately owned retail company and sells beds, pillows and protectors as well as mattresses. It is currently headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Each store is independently owned and operated and it prides itself on being a local, friendly and valuable part of the community. It exclusively carries the popular mattress brand Serta which makes it a favored choice for consumers.

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