American Apparel - Solid color basics for men and women

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American Apparel

American Apparel

American Apparel specializes in casual basics, including tops, leggings, denim and accessories. They also sell nail polish, shoes, watches, and eyewear. The retailer has its own line of home goods and personal items, including journals, lamps and linens. They sell a variety of pieces that usually come in many different solid colors. There is also a vintage clothing section, which sells clothing that is new but modeled after popular styles in other decades. The aesthetic of these vintage pieces range from 1940s to 1980s in style. The company carries a children's line of t-shirts and jackets. American Apparel sells a line of performance sportswear for yoga, gymnastics and dance. They carry a wide variety of accessories and bags, which share the bold, solid color aesthetics of their main clothing line.

American Apparel - Made and sold in the USA

American Apparel is a vertically-integrated clothing and apparel manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Vertically integrated in this sense means that American Apparel has ownership of all phases of the retail lifecycle – from design to manufacturing to distribution and marketing. This structure enables the retailer to avoid outsourcing, and keeps all phases of the retail process in the U.S. American Apparel is known for its design, advertising and marketing, which is all performed in-house. The brand is known for its “Made in the USA” slogan, which appears in its famous print ads. The company's expansion from a wholesaler to a retailer was the fastest retail roll-out in U.S. history, growing to over 200 stores worldwide in only 5 years.

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