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Albertsons is a western regional supermarket and pharmacy. Inside stores, customers can find home products, food, over the counter and prescription drugs, and bank services. Stores have become a one-stop shop for customers, where they can do all of their errands in one store. This one-stop shop makes it easier for customers to be attracted to this type of store because it saves time and money. Home products offered in stores include household cleaners, small appliances, and cookware. Customers can buy groceries, which consists of baked goods, produce, a variety of dry foods, and beverages, including alcohol. While shopping you can go get doctor's prescriptions filled at the pharmacy department, or browse through over the counter medicines to cure the common cold or allergies. Some stores also include bank services from Chase, where customers of the bank can deposit, withdrawal money and talk with customer service.

Albertsons - History of Albertsons

Albertsons was founded in 1939 in Boise, Idaho by Joe Albertson. The supermarket offered groceries and popcorn, roasted nuts, and magazines to customers shopping inside. The word quickly spread that the store offered what customers wanted and in the same year the store opened, Joe was able to open two more stores. In the 1960s, Albertsons started combining grocery and drug stores. The company grew over the years and expanded into other markets through acquisitions. In 2005, due to growing competitions of larger chains, SuperValu bought Albertsons. Today the name still lives on with over 1,000 store locations in the Western States and contributes to SuperValu's 36 billion dollar a year business.

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