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Acme Tools

Acme Tools

Acme tools is a major tools and equipment retailer founded in Grand forks, North Dakota. The companies core ethos is to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. They specialize in a wide variety of equipment ranging from heavy duty fork-lift trucks to everyday DIY tools for woodworkers, contractors and handymen. Customers have the option to either buy or rent a range of superior tools from a number of store locations as well as online. Acme offer 20,000 products from over 300 different manufacturers from the tiny to the huge. Acme is a one-stop-shop for tools and equipment for any situation whether it be home, garden, or even industrial products.

Acme Tools - A Premier Retailer of Tools & Equipment

Acme tools began in 1948 when George Kuhlman of Grand Forks, North Dakota opened a small electric motor repair shop. The company has slowly expanded and now boasts 6 stores across North Dakota and Minnesota. Since 1995, Acme began to built a separate rental area for it's equipment following popular demand. Each store prides itself on the same quality of service and products as the company did almost 70 years ago. The name Acme was conceived because it represented the core values that George Kuhlman intended for the company- high end products, competitive prices and exceptional service. Acme's loyal costumers prove the company has always stuck to their core values.

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