Aaron's - Rent-to-own retailer of furniture and appliances

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Aaron’s is one of the leading rent-to-own retailers of residential and office furniture, home appliances and consumer electronics products in the US. With very flexible payment terms, no credit requirements and a Low Price Guarantee on every item, Aaron’s high appeal among low- to moderate-income consumers is a no-brainer. From bunk beds to LED televisions, the store covers any home or office's appliance and furniture needs, with items from popular brands like Sony, Panasonic and Sharp. Its electronics category also doesn’t disappoint, with tablet, laptop and desktop options from trusted manufacturers like Samsung, Dell and HP. In addition to lease ownership, it also participates in direct sales and rentals. On top of its Sales and Lease Ownership division, the company also operates Franchise, HomeSmart and Manufacturing segments, the latter being responsible for the production of furniture and bedding leased and sold in stores.

Aaron's - One man's vision and dedication

Aaron’s started out as Aaron Rents when it was founded in 1955 by R. Charles Loudermilk, an Atlanta native that saw the early potential in the furniture rental business. Armed with little capital but huge motivation, he worked very hard to rent his first small storefront - an achievement seven years in the making. From his first order of 300 chairs, Loudermilk branched out to include more furniture, never purchasing a new item until an old one was rented. By 1966, Aaron Rents opened its first store outside of Atlanta - in Baltimore - and continued to flourish in the following decades, incorporating a manufacturing segment and pursuing relevant acquisitions along the way. Not until 1987 did Aaron’s enter the rent-to-own business, a move that certainly paid off. From its humble beginnings, the company today has grown to include more than 2,000 stores that employ more than 11,000 workers across 48 states and Canada.

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