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AT&T is a multinational telecommunications provider. It is the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephones in the United States. It has the largest 4G and WiFi networks in the United States and the fastest 4G LTE network for mobile devices. It provides customers both with personal and business telecommunication requirements, including land lines, digital TV and U-verse. Within each category they offer a range of products and services, such as cell phones, prepaid plans and for accessories, cases and chargers. AT&T is mostly known for their cellphone and smartphone services in stores. They have a complete range of pre-paid phones and smartphones with all the big brand names available, such as Samsung, HTC, and iPhone. Customers can choose between different calling and network plans to suit their needs. The company also offers wireless internet and receivers. As well as selling these products, AT&T will install and maintain the services to ensure that customers continue to enjoy the best quality from their devices. Aware that technology is constantly evolving, they keep a step ahead of modern development which allows them to provide their customers the most recent and cutting edge products. Stores can be found in malls, airports and stand alone locations across the country.

AT&T - An American telecommunications giant

Established in 1885, American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) initially started out as a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company - founded by Alexander Graham Bell after he invented the telephone. It became the main company in 1899 after acquiring The Bell company for legal reasons. By establishing a web of subsidiary companies across the United States it established a large entity, known as Bell System, which lasted for most of the 20th Century. In 1984, in agreement with the U.S department of Justice, AT&T divided the company and turned it's regional subsidiaries into individual companies whilst retaining its long distance operations. SBC Communications was born out of this division and it went on to acquire several other companies such as the Metromedia mobile business in 1987. In 2005 SBC purchased AT&T and adopted its name and brand, the original AT&T is now the long distance phone subsidiary. It is now the 14th largest company in the world and the seventh in the United States.

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