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99¢ Only Stores

99¢ Only Stores

99¢ Only Stores is a fixed-price variety retail chain with headquarters in Commerce, California and other locations in Nevada, Arizona and Texas. The company sells a range of products all priced at 99¢ or less, from home décor accessories to beauty products, baby food and a whole lot more. The company prides itself on convenience and their diverse range of cost-effective products, providing the ideal place to pick-up those everyday essentials. 99¢ Only Stores also stock a variety of food and drinks and even boast a refrigerated and frozen section. The company operates over 350 stores, the majority of which are in California.

99¢ Only Stores - Saving you money since the '60s

The history of 99¢ Only Stores dates back to the 1960s when Dave Gold inherited a small liquor store in downtown Los Angeles. He strongly believed that selling everything at 99¢ would prove very popular so he ran a test of selling bottles of wine for 99¢. He soon set out to open the very first 99¢ Only Store after finding the perfect building to rent. On Friday the 13th of August 1982, Dave and Sherry Gold opened the very first 99¢ Only Store in Los Angeles. To mark the occasion, Dave sold television sets at the grand opening for only 99¢ which attracted many customers and large media attention. 99¢ Only Stores continue to sell televisions and other enticing products when a new store opens. 99¢ Only Stores later opened new stores in California and then expanded to new regions in Arizona, Nevada and Texas after becoming public in 1996.

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