RetaleBot: Already On Your Phone And Ready To Shop

Retale presents the ultimate deals and weekly ads search bot to help you find the latest offers right in Facebook Messenger.

Our apologies to your human BFF

RetaleBot can rally for a shopping trip any day, any time, and he doesn’t even need a Starbucks pit stop. Armed with the latest ad and coupon information in your area, RetaleBot is standing by 24/7 to help you save money on your favorite products at the retailers you love to shop.

Can I see it in action?

So how does it work?

Just type in what you’re looking for and RetaleBot fetches the offers near you. Ask him to add something to your list and he’s on it. Your list lives magically in your Messenger conversation with RetaleBot—just type “list” and he’ll gladly retrieve it.

RetaleBot does everything but push the cart

What does RetaleBot do exactly?

With RetaleBot, you can…

  • Search by product, category, or store name
  • View weekly ads right in Messenger
  • Pull up your list any time
  • Instantly add or remove list items
  • Clip or save coupons right on your phone

How do I get started?

Simply open Facebook Messenger and search for “Retale”. RetaleBot will magically appear. Type in any product, store, or category and he’ll take it from there! Wanna give him a try now? Click here:

How can I find out more?

For more information, contact:


Header Photo Arina P Habich / Shutterstock