Retail in Real-Time

In 0 seconds has been spent on retail online and has been spent offline in the US:(1)

Retail is at the heart of our operations, and inspired by the infographic The Internet in Real-Time, we were interested in what a visualization of popular US consumer spending would look like. The result? Retail in Real-Time - a glimpse of how and where the US spends its cash and just how quickly these numbers grow. Read more about the project here.
Retale is the web and mobile app destination for your favorite weekly ads and local store information. From department stores like Target and Kohl’s to drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid, Retale publishes the newest circulars from both local and national retailers along with map and alerts features, so you never miss out on the latest deals in Chicago, New York, San Francisco or wherever you shop.


(1) General retail numbers:

(2) Printed books:

(3) E-Books:

(4) McDonalds*:,,,,,

(5) Smartphones:,,

(6) Walmart:

(7) Amazon:

(8) Dunkin' Donuts:

(9) Starbucks:

(10) Best Buy*:,,

(11) 7-Eleven:

(12) Credit card transactions:

(13) Coca-Cola*:,

(14) Coupons:

(15) Lottery:

(16) Apparel*:,

(17) Pet food:

(18) Baby food:

(19) Toys:

(20) Firearms:

* Figures were estimated using data from multiple sources.