Is Thanksgiving The New Black Friday?

A Holiday Shopping Survey

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means special deals, savings, and super sales at almost every store imaginable. Since stores open their doors earlier and earlier each year, our latest survey asks when, where, and how people are most likely to shop over the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. We discovered Millennials are most likely to take advantage of extra opening hours on Thanksgiving and in-store sales, while seasoned shoppers are more likely to wait until Black Friday, or later, to really start their holiday shopping. Find out more holiday shopping trends below:

Most shoppers don’t take advantage of Thanksgiving shopping hours.

Many stores are starting to open their doors earlier and start their special sales on Thanksgiving, in order to give shoppers a chance to beat the Black Friday crowds. Still, a slight majority of respondents said they would prefer to stay at home on Thanksgiving.
Would you go shopping on Thanksgiving Day?

Most shoppers hold a negative view about shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

When asked about stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, 42% thought that it was “great” and “okay,” stating they would take advantage of the deals if they had time. However, most shoppers “hate it,” with 33% believing that no one should have to shop or work on Thanksgiving Day, Another 13% found it simply “annoying.”

Black Friday prevails as the biggest in-store shopping day of the year...

Despite the extra opening hours, online shopping, and extending special sales on Thanksgiving, 64% of shoppers plan to shop in-store on Black Friday. In fact, shoppers from the survey are 18% more likely to shop on Black Friday than on Thanksgiving Day.
Do you go shopping on Black Friday?

Millennials are much more eager to shop on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday than other age groups.


Millennials are very eager to shop on Thanksgiving with nearly 60% planning to take advantage of special in-store deals and sales.

Black Friday

75% of Millennials plan to shop on Black Friday compared to only 44% of other shoppers.

Mobile devices: the secret to Black Friday savings

75% of shoppers plan to use their devices to help them find store hours and locations, make price comparisons, find coupons, research products, and more.
More people are using their smartphones to find better holiday deals. However, a greater percentage of Millennials are more informed consumers.