The Dollar Stores of America

The Income Factor

Seven major dollar store chains account for more than 26,000 stores - but where are they located? Turns out, median household income is a pretty good clue.
The dollar store is a retail concept that dates back to the one-price stores of the 19th century, long before the existence of the dollar bill as we know it. Today it's an American retail fixture, with the average dollar store serving roughly 12,000 residents. The recent news of Dollar Tree's acquisition of Family Dollar sparked our interest to investigate the current state of dollar stores in America, and a noteworthy observation of where these stores are located - or aren't - largely overlaps with household income.

Dollar Stores per 10,000 citizens for Each State

Estimated Median Household Income for Each State

Dollar stores per 10,000 citizens:
Dollar stores:
Median household income:

The Dollar Store Geography

Of the market's seven main players, Dollar General commands almost 13,000 locations, followed by recently-acquired Family Dollar with 8,000+ stores, then Dollar Tree, the only chain with operations in the Northwest, with roughly 5,000 stores. Trailing behind the leaders are Fred's Super Dollar with 700+ stores located in the Southeast, 99¢ Only Stores and Five Below, each with around 300 locations, and Deals, which is also owned by Dollar Tree, with 200+ stores.

Tracking the dollar stores of America also revealed interesting results. A closer look at San Francisco showed that there are no dollar stores in the city and only 26 in the greater Silicon Valley area, a region which boasts above-average household incomes. Meanwhile, Chicago, a city with a smaller population but a lower median household income, hosts a whopping 121 stores. Read more on the dollar store trends in Silicon Valley here.

Dollar General

Family Dollar

Dollar Tree

Fred's Super Dollar

99¢ Only Stores

Five Below


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