Apple Stores Worldwide

Interactive map showing the impressive expansion of Apple stores

    Enter any of Apple’s 491 bustling stores in 18 countries, and you'll likely need to get on a list to talk to an associate. In an era of bleak in-store foot traffic for most stores, Apple plans to open its 500th this year. The next store opens in Cologne on March 25 2017, and the prediction is that the next countries to open a store will be Korea, India and Austria. Witness Apple’s robust retail evolution from 2001 to present with this interactive time-lapse of product launches and store openings.

    A few facts about Apple Stores:

    • Apple stores are the most profitable retail space on the planet
    • The first two Apple stores opened simultaneously in 2001. One in the Tyson's Corner Center Mall in Virginia, and the other in Glendale Galleria in Califronia
    • New York and Shanghai has the highest amount of Apple stores with 7 in each city
    • The Dubai Apple store is the largest in the world
    • The Apple Store in 5th Avenue in New York is one of the most photographed buildings worldwide


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