What Can You Do?

Take these everyday steps to help the environment!

With Retale’s weekly digital ads and coupons, you have a green solution—one that offers weekly ads, catalogs, circulars, promotions, store locations, and opening hours, based on your location. You can customize the offers you receive for a more personalized, practical experience—one that doesn’t result in such dramatic paper waste.
In addition to downloading the Retale app, here are some other things you can do to save paper and reduce waste:

Use a surge protector!
Using a surge protector is an efficient way to regulate your energy use. Plug in the devices you use most – computers, TVs, phone chargers, etc. and flip the switch to power off all the devices at once whenever you leave the house for more than 2 hours. A laptop can consume up to 66% of the watts it consumes while charging even when it is finished charging.


Use compact fluorescent bulbs!
If every household in the U.S. replaced one regular light bulb with a CFL equivalent, the pollution reduction would be the same as removing one million cars from the road. At first glance they might seem more expensive, but given that they last up to 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs and consume less than a quarter of the energy, they will save you money in the long run!


Skip the rinse!
Rinsing your dishes before you wash them in a dishwasher is unnecessary and wastes over 20 gallons of water for each load. Instead of pre-rinsing, you just need to scrape off any remaining food. Another way to save water is to make sure you only wash a full load!


Don’t preheat the oven!
Unless you’re baking, temperatures don’t have to be exact. A pizza will still bake properly if you don’t pre-heat. Just turn the oven on when you put the dish in. When checking on your food, use the light to see through the oven window instead of opening the door (which lets out hot air and lengthens baking time).


Recycle glass!
Glass takes a million years to biodegrade when thrown away and recycling glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%. Additionally, producing a ton of glass from raw materials creates 384 lbs. of mining waste, while using 50% recycled glass cuts this waste by about 75%.


Take a shower instead of a bath! 
A typical bath uses 30 to 50 gallons of water, while a 4-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead can use as little as 10 gallons. Look for showerheads with the WaterSense label if you want to save more energy and water!


Plant a tree!
Every tree can absorb approximately 11 lbs. of carbon dioxide each year and a whole acre of trees can offset the carbon emissions of a 26,000 mile car journey. Trees also increase property values and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs when placed carefully.


Use matches instead of lighters!
Not only will you look classier, but both plastic lighters and the butane fuel inside them are petroleum products, and 1.5 billion of these lighters (which can’t be reused in most cases) end up in landfills each year. For a greener option, go with matches; most cardboard matches are made from recycled paper.


Shop with reusable bags!
Keep them in your trunk for when you do your weekly grocery shopping. You’ll be helping to reduce the 84 billion plastic bags that Americans use each year. Those plastic bags aren’t biodegradable, are polluting our oceans, and are killing animals that can get trapped in them or that try to eat them.


Go paperless!
Pay your bills and get your bank statements online. Most banks offer online banking and the majority of utility and service companies offer paperless billing. This is a simple, more sustainable way to manage your finances. Many companies even offer a discount for opting to bill online.