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Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is most commonly made from fermented grapes. The production of wine dates back thousands of years and is well-known to be prevalently referenced in early Greek and Roman history. The most basic explanation for how wine is created is that during the fermentation process the yeast eats the sugars of the grape and digests it into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The name of the wine will often come from what kind of grape was used to create it, such as in the case of Pinot, Merlot and Riesling. Wine and food pairing is a vast field of study, so much so that someone's entire profession can be creating great pairings. Wine pairing will strongly affect the harmony of a meal depending on both the kind of food and the kind wine to compliment the food's flavors. A saying that goes back a long way is “white wine with fish; red wine with meat” and it is something that people still recognize and hold to today. Some of the most popular wines that are made from fruits other than grapes include: apple, pomegranate and elderberry wine. While fruit wines are most common in the United States, wine is not limited to fruits; there are also different variations including barley wine and sake which is a rice wine. When on the hunt for your perfect wine, whether or not you're able to find a wine in your local supermarket will strongly depend on the state you live in. In some states grocery stores are not allowed to sell alcohol. Since there are so many different types and brands of wine that may not be available at every location check out the Retale website or app to find the closest place to you at the best price.