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The TV is an essential piece of furniture for information, game time and movie night. There are more factors than one would imagine that go into the purchasing process of a television. While TVs used to be quite heavy and bulky because they were made with rear projectors, today we have much sleeker and more mobile technology. The two main different TVs to choose from are Plasma and LCD. A Plasma TV is ideal because often people think it produces deeper and more vibrant colors. The major disadvantage is that the glass screen can cause a glare effect if it is in a room with a lot of light or windows. The LCD TV has a more of a matted appearance and if you are in fact looking for something small to have just in the kitchen or garage, it can come in much smaller sizes than a Plasma. Some of the leading television providers include Samsung, LG and Panasonic. The best places to look for a television is either a discount retailer like Target or even a specialty electronics store like Best Buy. Sometimes these retailers have been known to even team up with the major brands and create TVs of their own, under an house brand name like Olivia or Insignia. These brands are made with the same technology but since they are created directly by the retailer they can be made a bit cheaper for you, the customer. To find out more about some of these deals check out the Retale app or go to www.Retale.com.