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It is surprising how often projectors are used in daily life. The projector is used in all sorts of situations: a romantic movie, an educational course or even an international business meeting. There is a variety of different types of projectors, including: overhead projector, video projector, movie projector. The overhead projector is still used yet only seldom in classrooms, giving the teacher the opportunity to write out information in the area of merely a few inches and yet still visible by all students during the lecture. A movie projector is one of the largest projectors because it still uses reels in most movie theaters. If you are searching for your own projector, to either use in your home or in the office, these are commonly called video projectors. There are a few different types of projectors you will find at your local electronics specialty store: CRT, DLP and LCD projectors. The CRT stands for cathode ray tubes; it is one of the oldest systems because it is based specifically on the primary colors. The LCD is the simplest and most affordable for home or office use. DLP is one of the latest technology. It stands for digital light processing and is capable of giving a smooth 1080p image that is unlike any big screen TV. When you're looking for some of the best brands, make sure to check out Optoma, Sony, and Epson for some of the best quality projectors. For more information on projectors you can purchase, check out the Retale app or go to www.Retale.com and find the best deals near you.