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The printer has come a long way from its earliest ancestor dating back to the fourth century in Roman Egypt. Printing at that time was as easy putting ink on a wood block with a design carved in and pressing it down. Today's printing has gotten a bit more complex, to the point where there are so many different types of inks to choose from that there is a whole aisle dedicated to it in most office supply stores. There are a few different types of printers available at your local store including: liquid inkjet, solid ink and even inkless printers. The most common kind of printer found at discount retail stores or specialty electronic stores is a liquid inkjet because they are relatively inexpensive and easily replaceable. Some of the inkjet printer brands you'll first stumble upon include: Kodak, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Epson. Each of these different brands have their own individual qualities and market themselves in a different way. Kodak is known to sell the least expensive ink. HP will give you a wide variety of prints, ranging from a regular 8.5” x 11” document to a picturesque 4” x 6” personal photo. Epson is known to be one of the best quality prints and to be one of the quickest printers. There is also talk about the next generation of printing. 3D printing is the newest cutting edge technology. It is created through multiple layers of stacked materials. Though this technology is not yet affordable to the general public, with the way that technology is progressing it should be something we will be hearing more and more about. Until then we will stick with the regular 2D models. Whether you are looking for a whole new printer or just the right ink to fill up, check www.Retale.com quick first so you can find the best place to quickly get that last thing printed.