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Office Supplies

Office supplies, as implied, are often used in corporate offices or on employees desks in the business world, but can also be found in home offices and at schools. Products include objects that help consumers and businesses write and organize, although larger products include office furniture, copy machines and computers. Popular stores which offer these products include Staples and OfficeMax. Supplies regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations are relatively small and on a desk, such as staples, sticky notes, and binders. Companies tend to purchase desks, filing cabinets, and chairs from these stores and these are also considered under this category. Every year students need new school supplies which can be found in these companies. This includes book covers, pencils, pens, and notebooks allowing students to be prepared and organized throughout the year. Electronic devices are also available at company locations. Products include calculators from scientific to finance, shredders, printers, and scanners. One can buy desktops and laptops and all the various software to go with them, whether it be Microsoft Office or Adobe programs. A full range of office communications are available like business telephones, office calling systems, and even cellular devices. Companies, schools, and homes can buy large amounts of printing and notebook paper to be prepared and not run out. Most stores also have a full copy and fax center where consumers can go and mail objects in boxes, make a mass amount of copies, fax documents, and even make signs and banners. Always remember that stores recycle printer cartridges, so when one comes in, bring all the old, out of ink, cartridges to help reduce the amount that have to be made.