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A computer monitor is a necessary component for computer use. It creates a visual display of what the computer is capable of doing. Like televisions, computer monitors have gone through a bit of a weight loss program since they were first introduced to the general public in the late 70's. Before the 1980's computer monitors were initially referred to as visual display terminals and were also attached as part of the computer. Today computer monitors are made out LCD which begs the question “what is the difference between LCD monitors and televisions?” The most noticeable difference between two of the same size is the pixel density and resolution. The main thing to consider when purchasing a monitor for your computer is how big you want to go. If you would prefer to have something that has a higher quality and can go quite a bit larger, then replacing your monitor with a television is always an option. Just make sure to step back a bit as to not strain your eyes to take in the full effect of a new and improved monitor. If a larger monitor screen is not what you're looking for, then you can also consider attaching multiple monitors to your computer to create either an extended display or a duplication of your screen to be viewed possibly from two different locations. Overall, the monitor is not too complex. It simply needs a video cable, power cable and it is set to display whatever website, game or important business you would like to work on.