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Almost every toddler is fascinated with construction sites and tractors. It catches the attention of our little ones, because it is always so busy, and lets face it cool to watch. Lego brings this fascination to toy form for little boys and girls across the globe. Teens and grown-ups can also share this enjoyment, by themselves or with their little ones. Lego is a construction toy that consists of colorful interlocking plastic blocks, which are accompanied by an array of yellow mini figures, gears and various other parts. These bricks can be constructed to build a variety of objects, such as buildings, vehicles, working robots, and functional trains. When you are finished, and want to construct another project, the previous model and the pieces can be used to make other objects. Consumers can buy individual building blocks, or specialized kits to construct ships, towns, and number of other objects like dinosaurs or technical projects. Lego also supplies kids and movie lovers alike with models of famous characters and scenes from movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. You can purchase these products at toy and discount stores. For the best deals in stores in your area, check out Retale.com!