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Kitchen products and appliances are those used in the room of the same name for storing and preparing food, cooking, dining and washing. These include both the permanent features such as sinks and ovens and portable devices such as toasters and coffee machines. The way we make and eat food has developed and evolved markedly over the last two centuries. Advances in technology mean we no longer need to heat up food over an open fire, the invention of the stove and microwave has made cooking a much simpler and quicker task. Many chores which once had to be done by hand, such as laundry, mixing and dish washing can now be performed by washing machines, blenders and dishwashers respectively. The efficiency and effectiveness of these appliances are constantly improving and they are becoming more and more innovative and intuitive. Kitchenware is seen as a symbol of pride for many homeowners and they spend money and time on fitting their kitchen in a stylish and modern manner and keeping it shiny and clean. Some households have a separate dining area, but most eat at least a few of their meals in the same room the meal is cooked in. It is important to take safety precautions when using kitchen equipment and to be aware of the risks of electricity and water. It is essential that sharp or dangerous objects and sockets are kept out of reach of children. Kitchenware can be purchased in electronics, furniture and hardware stores, as well as large supermarkets. It is advisable to do some research into what you're buying and look at reviews before visiting the store.