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Jewelry is just the accessory needed to spruce up an outfit, taking it from normal to something lively and unique. The practice of wearing jewelry dates back thousands of years and has its first roots in Africa. Jewelry originated with functional uses, but has evolved today to a form of personal expression and fashion. Jewelry can come in all shapes and sizes; whether you're looking for a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings, jewelry can be made from just about any material. The most popular materials used to make jewelry are metals such as gold or silver. Jewelry that is made out of pure gold and silver can be very expensive and is only offered at high-end retailers and jewelry stores. If you are looking for something that will look similar but is quite a bit less expensive, it is best to look at metal plated jewelry. These are items made from a more abundant, less expensive metal like copper. Items like these can be found and regular discount retailers. These accessories can be great in simple metal but are often adorned with different gems and stones that make them more unique. Jemstones and other accents come in all colors and sizes, ensuring that no one piece of jewelry will be just like another. Metal jewelry is more durable and if it's well-made can last a lifetime. Lower quality plastic and non-precious metals can be great too, but won't last as long. This kind of jewelry is called costume jewelry. Whatever kind of jewelry you're looking for just check out the Retale site and find a great deal on some of the best accessories in your area.