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Electronics is the term used to refer to electronic products and equipment. These consumer goods are usually intended for every day use, both personal and professional. Devices used for communication, entertainment and office work typically fall under this category. This includes mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and DVD players. Most of these products now use digital technology and are upgrades or replacements of less technically advanced items such as typewriters and books. Modern life is noticeably assisted, sped up and enriched by technological advances. We are able to communicate instantly with people on the other side of the world, watch movies in high quality from the comfort of our homes and use GPS navigation from our cars and phones. Electronics are used, produced and sold on all continents. The industry is constantly developing and expanding. Designers are constantly coming up with new solutions to life's tasks and problems, making everything smaller, faster and better quality. Most humans use these appliances on a daily basis and would find it hard to live without them. Schools, hospitals and financial organizations rely on them completely and are made far more effective and efficient through their installation. Most electronics require some source of electricity or power and this is usually provided via a plug or batteries – which are particularly useful for portable devices. Most institutions have a back up so that if power is lost their equipment can still function, this is essential in a medical center where life support machines are used.