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There is a different type of dress for every occasion. Women wear dresses to weddings, concerts, the beach and just about any other occasion where they want to feel a little more dressed up. There are many different types of dresses to choose from to fit the right situation. Dresses are even worn in some womens sports like tennis, handball or figure skating. On a hot summer day, a girl might wear a sun dress because it is generally short, colorful and flowy, offering her a stylish way to cool down. There are many different ways to classify dresses. The most basic method is to classify by the cut of the top, the shoulder straps/sleeves, and the skirt type. There are many cuts of bodice to choose from: V neck, square cut, boat neck, princess cut or swoop neck. The most common straps for a dress are spaghetti straps. They are excellent if you want something that can work in many different situations and temperatures. Just by adding stockings and a jacket you can completely transform a summer dress to an outfit that is business casual. The skirt can vary from long to short and flowy A-line to well-fitted. The kind of dress that will look best on you will often depend on your body type. It is always best to find a dress that will complement your best features. If you're looking for the perfect dress for your figure and occasion, check out the Retale app or go to www.Retale.com and see what's out there for you.