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Dog Food

Dog food is specifically intended for dogs so they can receive vital nutrients to keep them healthy and playful. Pet owners need to start feeding their puppy at six weeks old, three times a day. Owners should start feeding their dog puppy food when they first bring the animal home. This type of dog food is fortified with vitamins and nutrients, because young dogs are growing rapidly. They need two times the daily nutrients as a full-grown dog to help develop bones, organs, and immune systems. There are three types of puppy food; moist, semi-moist, and dry kibble. Moist foods must be stored properly and spoil fast. Dry kibble is a good option because it contains more meat protein, stores easily, and helps keep the teeth clean. Dogs should stop eating puppy food at one year old. Once the transition happens to adult food, owners have the same types of food to choose from, wet food and dry kibble. Adult dogs should be fed twice a day. There is also a selection of alternative style dog chow, for example fresh that has been pasteurized, frozen, and vegetarian. There are also subcategories of food relating to what kind of dog the owner has. Whether it is small, energy driven or large, there are types of food fortified with the recommended amount of nutrients for any shape or size. Diet or weight management foods are also available. Popular brands include Pedigree and Innova. Treats are also available for pets. This includes bones, chewables, and biscuits. Owners can buy dog food and/or treats in grocery stores, pet stores, and discount retailers. For current offers on dog food, go to www.retale.com and search for local weekly ads.