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Clothing is the name for the textiles and materials created to be worn on the body. They are mostly worn by humans, most of whom wear clothes on a daily basis, however they can also be produced for animals and toys. People attire themselves with garments for a variety of reasons. Initially they were developed to protect the body against the harsh conditions of the elements and made mostly of furs and skins. They are still used for this purpose, however they also provide a way of expressing one's identity and exaggerating or complimenting attractiveness. They now are consumed more for fashion and aesthetic reasons than as essential materials for survival. Nowadays they are commonly made with cotton and artificial fibres. Common types include pants, sweaters and t-shirts. Some items are marketed only at women such as dresses and skirts and some for men such as ties. There are several sub categories such as underwear, footwear and swimsuits, and stores typically organize their products into these sections. Every culture has different traditional dress and people follow customs and regulations according to where they live and the climate or season. People alter their clothing to suit different situations and occasions, for example people dress more professional for work than they would for school. If going on a date, or to a party, most people will try and choose a special and flattering outfit. Many people enjoy going shopping for clothes, with friends or alone, as a recreational activity and most cities have a mall where several stores and retailers can be found in the same location.