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Chocolate is a delicious treat that is appropriate for just about every special occasion. Produced from the Theobroma Cocoa tree, chocolate is grown in warmer climates and native to the tropical region of South America. Commonly, chocolate will come in three different varieties: milk, white and dark. White chocolate is not a true chocolate because it does not contain any cocoa solids. In the United States, there are no official standards for dark chocolate as there are in Europe, where dark chocolate must contain a minimum of 35% cocoa. Pure dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate option because it has the least amount of sugar of the three and cocoa in itself has an added health benefit in that it reduces the risk of heart disease. There are many pure chocolate brands sold in the US; some of the most popular brands include: Hershey, Godiva, and Dove. Godiva and Dove market themselves as more expensive luxury chocolates. Hershey is known to be a classic brand, since it has been around since the late 1800s and is currently the largest producer of chocolate in North America. Chocolate is the single ingredient that connects all variations of candy bars, or also less commonly referred to as chocolate bars. Chocolate sweets are available at just about every retailer and can often be found in the aisles while people are checking out, as a perfect last minute purchase. If you are looking to find any specific chocolates for yourself or a special person in your life then head to your local discount store and find the perfect savory treat!