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Cheese is a dairy product that is created from milk. It is most commonly made with cow's milk, but goat and sheep milk can also be quite commonly found in grocery stores. Cheeses will vary based on their consistency, texture and flavor. There are many factors that affect the creations of cheese, from how long it is processed and how much it has aged, to what the animal's diet was like. With more expensive and delicate cheeses, it is common to add additional ingredients such as garlic, black pepper or herbs. Lactose-free cheese options are often available in grocery stores for people who are lactose intolerant. These people do not possess the enzymes needed to digest lactose. For less severe cases, people may be lactose intolerant but can still eat cheese, provided they take supplements to help them digest. A person who specializes in the creation of cheese is known as a cheesemonger. This title is not easily attained, it requires extensive training and a highly sensitive palate, much like with wine or cuisine. Cheese is well known to be a great option for home events like dinner parties, to either be served on a platter alongside with crackers, or as a fondue. Some of the most common dinner party cheese choices are gouda, brie or cheddar. Depending on the party, people may choose different assortments of cheese to complement the wine or bread that is being served. To find any of these cheeses for a simple lunch, or to create a delightful dinner party, go to www.Retale.com and find some of the best deals in your area.