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Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and is the most popular alcoholic drink. It is also said to be one of the oldest prepared beverages that was first recorded in ancient Egypt and the Middle East and could have helped build and accelerate civilization. Today, beer is large part of life, although consumers have to be 21 years old to drink it because of the alcohol content. People drink the refreshment to have fun and to be sociable. Since production is widespread all over the world, different countries have created their own taste and version of the beverage. The main categories include lager, pale ale, and wheat. Additionally, specialized products like gluten-free and alcohol-free beer do exist. In the United States the larger beer companies, for example Miller and Budweiser, produce lager style beers. Normally the larger companies produce lager with an alcohol content between 4-6%. These companies also produce a "light" beverage, which contains less calories than the original. In the last few years craft breweries have entered the market offering specialty beers, for which consumers have a growing appetite. Some of these styles include Indian Pale Ale (IPA), stouts, and other various seasonal ales. The alcohol content is mostly higher in craft brews, typically ranging from 6%-12%. Beers can range in taste from bitter to somewhat fruity depending on the style. The best suggestion is to try and find the right taste, of course responsibly! One can find the beverage in select grocery stores and discount retailers, depending on the state, and find a select number of craft brews and a wide selection of lagers. To find local deals and to see which store carries your favorite drink, go to www.retale.com, and search through the weekly ads.